MMA Fighter Dodson Bullied As Youth

John Dodson MMA Fighter Fights For Bullies With Bullyville

John Dodson is short in stature but he’s big in heart, you probably remember him from his season on Spike TV’s The Ultimate Fighter (TUF). After reading  a blog from MMA Mania with a title of anti-bullying and John Dodson, it really sparked an interest at MMA refuge, so I had to read it. Not many people have an interest in watching flyweight fighters, because they don’t have the big knockouts that the heavyweights do. That being said, John Dodson is one of the most exciting new fighters to come out of TUF, the ultimate fighter. He’s known for his outgoing personality, crazy antics, and a crazy fighting style where you flies through the air.

When he wins, he usually does some type of crazy acrobatics like running up the cage and back flipping. I think that tonight on Fox TV it’ll be a great show for MMA fans or people ready to watch a live event.

The most amazing part about this exciting fighter is that he was bullied as a youth, according to his recent article posted in BullyVille, a website for the bullied (BullyVille has a great number of athletes, movie stars and celebrities who were bullied). Dodson speaks about being misunderstood being outgoing and the new school trying to meet new friends. But it backfired. The people who he was trying to impress, mostly football players, went to the extent of tying a rope around his neck. His little brother saw the rope burns and wanted to go get them, but Dodson’s maturity at a young age allowed him to tell his brother not to worry. Dodson had such a positive attitude.

So excited to watch Dodson fight this evening, and I know it’ll put on a great show for everyone. The most exciting part about Dodson is it he’s a new member of BullyVille. I encourage everybody to visit the site there a great deal of resources for people who are bullied and for people who want to Tap Out bullying.

Iron Mike and the people at MMA Refuge want to commend John Dodson for his perseverance as a young man being bullied, sharing his bullying story, and being a great role model for MMA fighters and young kids in general.

Iron Mike

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  1. January 29, 2013 at 6:36 am

    Well this guy smiles ear to ear even if he’s inside the octagon. Very nice guy probably the coolest person in MMA. The perfect ambassador for this campaign.

  2. Iron Mike
    February 23, 2013 at 12:46 am

    Hey Dark Josh,
    This kid rocks I love Dodson. Please send me your blog url and we can link up.
    peace.. Iron Mike

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