Software To Help Irelands Anti Bullying Plan

MMA Bloggers Suggestion To Help Ireland’s Anti-Bullying Plan

On Tuesday Ireland’s government met to discuss a plan for anti-bullying in schools. They are suggesting that schools record and save any incident regarding bullied students. I think this is a great idea because are too many kids out there who are unprotected. Said to say that we need to implement through government intervention anti-bullying plans to help save our children.

What does Iron Mike, an MMA blogger, offer to help the Irish government? I know it is no easy task to develop a system to stop bullying. First you need to find some proven protocol that works, and I’m not sure if the government is willing to invest the time to develop a software or system. Well, I’ve got a solution to offer Ireland complements of MMA refuge.

Great news there is a software that’s been proven to work that is especially designed for anti-bullying programs at schools. It’s called HIBster Anti-bullying Software. HIBster doesn’t just have an anti-bullying software, they are recognized worldwide for their online anti-bullying campaign, HIBhub, so these guys have experience. HIBhub has an anti-bullying blog, forum, and an entire online community which they are dedicated to helping youths Tap Out bullying.

I feel that every school in Ireland, the United States, and Canada, and any country for that matter should implement the HIBster anti-bullying software as part of their protocol to fight bullying.

This is a no-brainer so if anybody in Ireland is listening please check out this software, it’s proven, it’s effective, and it helps save lives.

Let’s all keep working together combining all of our resources to stop this epidemic which is causing our children to die.


I want to thank Ireland’s government for taking the stance and Hib-Hub anti-bullying community for all their efforts to stop bullying. I can’t tell you how encouraged I am when I see organizations exhausting all of the resources to save youths who are bullied. Thanks for helping our children.

Peace….. Iron Mike

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