Cleveland Hockey Refs Present : “Let Them Bully On Ice”

Iron Mike’s Anti – Bullying Through MMA reaches High School Hockey in N.E. Ohio.

These referees in the Cleveland, OH area are better equipped to ref Disney On Ice” rather than a high school game.

After watching several games of high school hockey where the ref ‘s failed to control the game and allow blatant acts of violence on the ice with weak 2:00 penalties. I am ready to blow my lid! They are not protecting the kids, and the same goes with many coaches. They are there to first protect the kids, not to please a parent in the stands yelling for acts of violence.

This past weekend, a 15-year-old hockey player from the southwest suburbs of Cleveland suffered his second concussion in two years. The first concussion occurred last year when a bully and coward from the opposing high school cross checked him to the head with a stick when the ref wasn’t looking.

This act of bullying or assault happened away from the play and he was never even called for the penalty. The second concussion occurred this weekend when this thug punched him in the head while going for the puck. This was the second time this bully threw a punch at the same kid in the same game. As all this was happening there were parents taunting the team of the injured playing, calling for more violence, and telling them to bring tissues to the next game. Oh yeah, the tissue comment came from a MOM!

This is a disgrace, and the refs are responsible.

Hockey is a tough sport I know, but this poor kid has two concussions from violent acts that were unrelated to playing the game of high school hockey. And none of these kids had any type of real penalty, if any, that fit the crime. If this was pro hockey these players would have been brought up on charges. Shame on the refs and coaches that allow this to happen.

I propose that all high school games should be video taped. First, so the physicians can better identify and assess the extent of the head injury. And secondly so the refs missing or ignoring these violent acts can later be reviewed to help dish out appropriate penalties and suspensions after they missed the play.

Needless to say I am not talking about everyone. There are many ref’s , coaches, parents, and kids who play fair and like they say a few bad apples spoil the bunch.

You bad ref’s, coaches, parents, and kids know who you are, so stop and let the kids play safe hockey.

Iron Mike

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