California High School Shooter Tells Sheriff He Targeted Bullies

The 16-year-old shot-gun wielding high school student surrendered his weapon to a school teacher who was grazed by buck shot, after shooting at two alleged bullies. Later, the youth told the Sheriff he targeted two students who had bullied him.

According to this Fox News report, the school had an armed guard who was not at the school because he was snowed in. Students at the school said the student was often bullied because of his short stature. This attack occurred in a close-knit community where people would often hunt together.

The shooter used his older brother’s shot gun for the attack.

We can look at gun control, armed guards in schools, metal detectors, and other potential safeguards, but how do we reach these bullied youths? Bullying does not discriminate; it is always going to be there. Let’s take a good look at ourselves and how we treat others. Do we bully? Do we look the other way when others are being bullied? Let’s try and make an effort to pay attention to bullies and the bullied and get involved. Don’t ever think it isn’t your responsibility. No one is unaffected by bullying.


Iron Mike

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