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Lodi High School, NJ Students Connect “Links of Love” to Promote Positive School Climate

The Respect Crew has created a project, known as Links of Love, to promote kindness throughout our school. “Links of Love is about acknowledging the kind acts that typically go unnoticed or receive little recognition. It’s about thanking people you forgot to thank or who you felt too awkward to say thank you to,” said Ms. Sciarra. When someone does something nice, it will… Read more →

Bullying in a Schadenfreude Culture

The wonderful world of Wikipedia defines schadenfreude as pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. The literal translation of this word from German to English is harm-joy. It is the feeling of pleasure or joy when one sees another fail or suffer misfortune. Western culture, most notably, western tabloid and reality entertainment is soaked in schadenfreude. Oh how we love… Read more →