Category: Bullying Prevention

Study finds gay-straight alliances help students feel safer

High schools with a gay-straight alliance have far fewer incidences of bullying, a Vanderbilt University study recently found. Bullying based on sexual orientation or gender expression is lower — but so are all types of bullying. The research suggests that GSAs make schools a more welcoming, accepting place for all students. The researchers found that students who attended a school with… Read more →

The Strong, Smart, Confident Club makes big impact on young girls

A group of fifth-grade girls were disciplined over 30 times during the school year. Gossip and mudslinging and petty arguments had them in the principal’s office on a regular basis. Enter Casey Lipari. She left her job advertising — she had formerly worked the Food Network and Yahoo — to spend the past year as a substitute teacher. She left a glamour… Read more →

Teenage girl, bullied because of her name, responds with heartfelt video

A teenage girl has been bullied for years simply because she happen to have the same first name as a well-known terrorist group. The coincidence led to constant harassment which got so bad that she transferred schools simply to get away from the absurd questions and taunts. In an effort to stop the bullying — and to offer help and… Read more →