Bullied to Terror

Guest blog by Iron Mike

The Secret Service Knew Bullying Caused Deaths In 1999.

After reading a comment on the Stltoday.com  I cant understand how more hasn’t been to prevent bullying in youths. This study shows evidence in a study by the secret service based on evaluation of “Assessing threats of future violence.”

“After reading in ‘Assessing threats of future violence’ (Dec. 23) that bullying was found by the U.S. Secret Service report to be perhaps the only major common thread tying together most instances of school attacks from 1974-2000, I was surprised to find the remainder of the article drop the issue.

Not to discount the importance of attempting to identify mental health needs, but if exposure to bullying has been found to be a more identifiable or reliable predictor of school violence, then why not report on anti-bullying school programs that have been successfully implemented and the possibilities of instituting them more widely?

Surely this approach would promote a more sane and mentally secure future generation than exposing kids to armed guards on a daily basis.”

Hannah Reinhart  •  St. Louis

This report showed the only common thread on school attacks was BULLYING !

I agree with Hannah. The problem lays before us every school and municipality should have an anti-bullying program.



Iron Mike


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