Every Child Needs a Hero

“Every Child Needs a Hero”, this is so true now more than ever before. On the eve of Thanksgiving, students, staff, parents, and community members came together at Columbus Elementary School in Lodi, NJ to give thanks to their local heroes. They honored everyday heroes who protect and serve our communities; respond to medical emergencies; fight raging fires; and protect our citizenry at home and abroad as members of our armed forces.

As children sang songs of thanks and awards were distributed to the honored guests, it was quite obvious that there were more heroes in the room that need to be acknowledged, so let us acknowledge them now: the teachers, teacher assistants, administrators, administrative assistants, school counselors, specialists, food service providers, and volunteers who enrich the lives of our children each and every day.

It truly takes a village to raise a child, and each village must be reminded to identify and celebrate its heroes. If one adult can be a hero to one child, just one, then the world will never need to look very far in the future to find a hero.

Thank you to the children of Columbus Elementary School for sharing your love with the world; one hero at a time.

A special thank you to Mrs. Parisi, Mrs. May, Mr. DiChiara and all those who helped make this program possible.

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